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We are Foundation non- charitable organization
in The Gambia
called Global Welfare foundation and we are working among the youths and
children and orphans with HIV/AIDS that they are sleeping under the
bridge begging for money and nobody to take care of
them. We provides food, clothing's and accommodation
for them and we sent them to school and higher Institutionsand
colleges and universities and we here to promote youths and children
sensibility of education and care for orphans and vulnerable and Victim
by Recruiting them to equip and image maintain. and we are helping a
lots of poor families in the Villages we set up micro- finance
programs for them
.The main purpose of sending this mail to you is
that we are interested to Link with you and work with you as your
representative in The Gambia*

*We attach our new newsletter on this message We will
be very happy to hear if our request can be granted and we are
looking toward to hear from you Thanks*

*Global Welfare foundation
**The Gambia*
{ Email globalwelfarefoundation@aol.com} and { glowefa@gmail.com